Monthly subscription

Pricing Table

A variety of subscription plans are available, starting from 100.000 records up to 1.000.000 records.
Address validation and standardization by Google Maps is an optional feature.


Perfect for standard API operations
  • Included standard features:

  • – Retrieve records

  • – Create & Update records

  • – Delete & Search records

  • – Trigger Webhooks on Insert / Update


  • Maximum number of records: 100.000

  • Maximum number of Webhooks: 10


An historical view of all changes
  • Standard features, plus:

  • – Historical records





  • Maximum number of records: 200.000

  • Maximum number of Webhooks: 20


Ideal for enterprise size companies
  • Premium features, plus:

  • – Mask & Unmask records (GDPR)

  • – Anonymize consumer records

  • – Pseudonymize consumer records

  • – Read-only subscription key


  • Maximum number of records: 300.000

  • Maximum number of Webhooks: 30


We provide data solutions for clients around the world.

Eindhoven by night

Our History

We’re a Dutch company from Eindhoven (The Netherlands), with lots of experience in and passion for Microsoft Azure, Business Intelligence and Azure DevOps.

Since the migration to the cloud, we found that there was actually no replacement for SQL Server Master Data Services (MDS), which we have implemented for many customers. And since the world actually evolved into serverless architectures, we needed such a tool to be easily accessible via a REST API.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a Master Data Management (MDM) tool that is suitable for modern data architectures. One that is customizable and has a mechanism that automatically triggers Webhooks on inserts and (specific) updates.

Monkey Master Data™ already has these features built-in, even a feature to mask records which is mandatory by GDPR. The future? We would like to hear from you on how we can extend or improve our service!