Why use Monkey Master Data™?

Implementing a master data service right in the middle of your data landscape, will minimize the amount of effort required to keep all master data in sync.
Monkey Master Data™ is able to trigger Webhooks when a record is inserted or updated. The updated record itself is then shared with your other services.

These triggers (inserts or updates) can also be configured to monitor specific fields instead:

Besides the standard fields, you’re also able to add custom fields to your master data records (e.g. LastLoginDate, Segment, Tier, LTV, etc.):

Address validation and standardization is another built-in feature. Your addresses will automatically be validated by Google Maps and in case of a mismatch, will return ‘INVALID’ without modifying the original address. In case of a valid address lookup, the formatted address (according to local standards) and the geographical location are added to the record:

Masking sensitive data, for example when you’re required by law (GDPR), makes the data unreadable but still searchable.
There’s even an option to unmask that same record again:

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